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Mechanical Anal Dilation? What is that?
For the last year i've had trouble using the bathroom, and its only gotten worse. It felt as if my anus was very tight, and it just got worse and worse. It got to the point where i could barely poop. It hurt so much to try, and my stools were as big as my pinky. Its caused me alot of stomach pains, so i finally bite the bullet and went to the doctors. I assumed it was hemoroids, but after he took a look, he told me that its not hemroids or anything like that but my anus muscle was extremly tight, and it was having multiple spasms. That the muscle would continue to get tight as the spasms and contractions continued, and it was detrimental to my health to get this taken care quickly. The only way they can fix that is with anal dilation.

I had to set up a date to come back, im not allowed to eat 6 hours before hand and I must take a laxitive before this procedure, and he said they would have to give an enema before. I will remain awake but they will give me a local pain killer.

What the hell is Mechanical Anal Dilation? How will it be done? and what is mechanical about it? (that really scares me!) I didn't ask my Dr. and I know that was stupid but I was really upset when he told me this. Please no rude answers, this question is real. Please give me a detailed answerd, and tell me exactly what to expect? I'm terrified :(
I've never heard of anal dilation, but I have heard of defecography and anal rectal motility tests.
Defecography is where they will fill your rectum with barium through an enema and X-ray while you pass the barium. This procedure is done to see the changes in the muscles to assess if they are working properly.
The anal rectal motility test, they insert a small tube into the rectum to measure the pressures within the rectum and anus and to see if they are working normally.

If you have questions about your particular procedure, call your doctor's office and just say that you have a few questions about what is going to happen. They will also explain the procedure to you before and/or during.
Hi friends for the past 8 months iam suffering from anal fissures?
hi friends for the past 8 months iam suffering from anal fissures after taking medicine in allopathy and ayurvedic its of no use so i decided better to go for operation doctor suggested me to go for dilation ( surgery ) method, but still of no use the pain and discomfort is still there iam now not able to understand the exact reason for pain and why the operation was not successful. the question in my mind is there something more to this problem such as anal opening not proper or something related to intestinal or gastro or i have to go through another surgery now iam very worried if have any valuable suggestion pls reply
An anal fissure is a small crack/injury at the anus, and is caused by hard stools. Pregnant women are particularly susceptible.

The treatment is by Sitz baths (in the acute stage), stool softeners, and high fibre diet. If the fissure does not trouble you now you do not need surgery, but do take a proper diet. But if the fissure still troubles you it is unlikely to heal without surgery after all this time.
Operated twice for rectal problem but not succeeded my life has become miserable, pls help!?
Hi Friends I am 29 yrs old male suffering from anal-fissure and constipation for the past one yrs in the last 3 months I have been operated twice the first operation was done through anal-dilation but it was of no use so I decided to go for another operation with another surgeon after diagnosing he told me that there is small peri-anal haematoma and 2 grade internal piles a stab incision with dilation and some other operative method were done but now almost one month has passed but the pain and discomfort is still there inspite of taking small dozes of laxatives the stool which I pass is soft but the beginning portion of the stool is little hard now my question 1) even after 2 operation why the pain, itching and discomfort is still there 2) does my problem have some thing more to it than piles 3) are there any other medical test I have to go through 4) where will special ano-rectal doctors in Mumbai 5) why the pain is more and less when I walk and stand.

Pls friends if u have
the only treatment is to get the operation performed by a very competent doctor as the base of the anal fissure is sometimes fibrosed and this fibrosis has to be got rid of to get a cure for the fissure
Well it's out now, Mom knows and "Dave's" been arrested so why do I feel so alone and terrible still?
I'm the 14yr old boy who posted on here about being raped by my mom's boyfriend & asking what to do. Thank you all for your support and advice. Here's how the past few hard days have been. Last Sunday was spent trying to find the courage to tell Mom but every time I tried to, I couldn't get the courage or Dave was always around. Then I spent my time in my room picking up the phone & hanging it back up trying to find the courage to call the police. Every time I picked the phone up, my heart would beat so fast & my stomach would get queasy. Then I just laid on my bed quietly crying because I was so mad at myself. At the dinner table, Mom noticed that I was upset even though in the past I've been able to hide it well. And as usual, I made up an excuse & just said I didn't feel well & asked to be excused. I wouldn't even make eye contact with Dave but I could feel his eyes burning on me. I went back to my room & not even 10 minutes later Dave came up to "check" on me & he threatened me that I had better stop this moping around & instead make like everything's okay or else I'll be sorry. Monday night when Mom went to work, Dave raped me yet again. Because of the bleeding & soreness I was having, I tried so much to resist him this time but he was just too strong & I pissed him off as well. He raped me roughly in anger & the pain was unbearable. I think I passed out or something because I don't remember when he finished & got off of me. All I remember is finding myself on the floor. Ever since, my rectum had been burning very bad & still bleeding. I didn't say anything to Mom Tuesday morning and in fact tried to avoid her & Dave before I went to school. In school is when I finally told someone. I told my best friend during break time, I guess because he's my age & I felt less ashamed to tell him then to tell an adult. I broke down crying in front of everyone but I couldn't help it. I went into the boy's bathroom to avoid any more stares & my friend followed me. He told me he had thought something was bothering me for quite a while by the way I acted & how I looked like I was in pain at times. He had asked me lots of times what's wrong but I wouldn't tell him. Now I finally couldn't take it anymore. He said I had to tell the police but I told him I couldn't find the courage to. He asked me what I was going to do and honestly I didn't know. So I left school like normal. Then I couldn't believe it, the cops showed up at my house Tuesday evening just before my Mom was going to work and asked if a "Dave" was there and asked for me as well. They got an anonymous call that I was being sexually abused by Dave.(I found out later that my best friend's Mom called the police) Mom was shocked. They had a couple police officers questioning Dave and a female officer questioned me. That's when I finally told the police and Mom. Mom started crying and ran after Dave and had to be restrained. She was screaming at him and the cops had to escort Dave away. On the way to the hospital, Mom kept saying "Why didn't you tell me when it first happened? Didn't you think I would believe you? Didn't you think I would kick him out of the house? I can't believe you think so little of me that I wouldn't have believed you. I can't believe you suffered through this for months without telling me. Didn't you know you could be hurt internally and need to go to the doctors right away?" I felt so terrible that I did this to my Mom. She was hysterical and crying. To find out like this was bad enough and now I made her feel helpless and guilty. At the hospital, I got was an awful experience, that's for sure. It turned out that I had anal tearings, dilation, bruising and swelling of the anus. The doctor assured my Mom and I the injuries would heal and I'd be okay. He gave me a healing cream and a stool softener and I'm happy to say that most of my STD tests came back negative. There are still a couple of tests that I don't know the results yet including the HIV one. I'm so worried about that one. I'm relieved that nothing's seriously wrong with me but now after telling Mom and my friend, I don't know why but I feel sad. Maybe it's because my Mom cries whenever she looks at me now and she keeps saying she should have known. Our Thanksgiving was spent mostly in tears. She held me and we both cried most of the time. I feel so bad for my Mom because she finally found happiness & now she's heartbroken again. She made so many sacrifices for me & I just wanted her to be happy. Now I feel like I turned her life upside down. She's alone again and she blames herself for letting this evil guy she thought she loved into our home.
Oh sweetie, I'm so glad you got back to us. I couldn't stop thinking about you and your well being after I read your tragic first posting. Thank GOD you finally told someone. Don't be ashamed if you couldn't find the courage to tell the police and your mom directly. You told someone (a wonderful best friend that saved you, btw) and that's all that matters. Now this evil man will be out of your lives. I'm so proud of you. However, my heart broke to read that he raped you violently again before you were able to make it stop. I'm so sorry but just know that it will not ever happen again because now the police know and your Mom knows. Now you have to focus on picking up the pieces. I know it will be hard but you're stronger than you think. Please do not put the burden of your Mom's feelings on your shoulders. You have to take care of YOU first and not worry about how others will feel. I know you're very close to your Mom and you feel bad that she's hurting but the two of you will be able to get through this together. You mom is lucky to have a son like you that worries about her so much but you can't make her happy and whole again until you are yourself because you're all that matters to her. I know it's going to be difficult for you when you have to testify against him but just try to be strong and think of this as your way to get back the power he took away from you. Now you have his life in your hands and you can make him pay for hurting you. Be strong. I know you can do it. And sweetie, if there are guys at school that are foolish enough to call you names then they are not even worth your time. Being the sweet boy you seem to be, I'm sure you have many friends and those friends will be very supportive of you. And lastly, please consider what I wrote in my first post to your first question, please consider counseling. There's no shame in going to counseling, it could help you get out your confusion, anger, emotional pain, etc. I wish you all the best, sweetie. My prayers and thoughts will be with you. :)
I'm scared. What should I do?
My due date is Monday and I have a feeling I will be induced Monday since I have not progressed in dilation. That's something my doctor mentioned. However, I'm scared b/c I have Genital Herpes which my doctor knows about. Maybe not even an inch below the vaginal opening, I have something sore there that looks like a lesion and is red. Should I let my doctor know? Is the skin between the vaginal opening and anal area, a part of the birthing canal? What if it isn't but I should tare down there and the lesion exposes to the baby? I'm scared of this not being caught on time.
there is something that i heard about, completely natural, its a lemon bomb,... go to a natural herbal store and take a look.... it should clear it up in time and allow you to expeiience natural guy birth. good luck and congragulations! if not.. it is safest to have a c-section.
Vaginismis: I just have to ask?
I have been diagnosed with vaginismis by a gynecologist but to me it feels like I have a seal over my vagina. When the penis attempts to enter it just can't. There is nothing more to it and it is absolutely frustrating and impossible. It is also intensely painful and does not produce pleasure. I can do anal sex without any problems although it is not the big bang feeling that I want. I have tried some dilation and playing with myself but I just get frustrated because I cannot insert anything but maybe two finger part way. What do I do? Will I ever have sex? Have a baby? I have tried this in casual relationships, committed relationships and it makes no difference. I want to have sex but I just can't. Please help if you have ever experienced and overcome this or if you are a medical professional. Thank you!
Vaginismus is very treatable. If the cause is psychological, it may be successfully treated with sex therapy, where you are helped to gradually overcome the condition using vaginal trainers and relaxation techniques, and given counselling or cognitive behavioural therapy if necessary.
Crohn's disease question! Is it or definitely not?
Ok, here is my question. My doctor and I both think I have Crohn's disease but my tests just aren't confirming anything. I have mouth and throat ulcers since guyhood ,chronic diarrhea(4-10 times a day) and sometimes constipation,frequent abdominal pain, inflamation in eyes chronically,malabsorption, some bloody stools, red hard lumps on face, chest and legs(but not shins) pain when I eat, pain with bowel movement, anal fissures, bloating , pressure, pain, severe belching and distended stomach. The tests so far have been small bowel follow through, showed nothing! MRCP showed possible pancreatic head dilation? Ct Scan showed guyney stones and something with the base of the lungs but unremakable otherwise. Colonoscopy showed mild inflamation of sigmoid colon with pettechia. Nothing conclusive. Doctor says he knows we could get the diagnosis with capsule endoscopy. SO what ya think? Please someone with Crohns please help!!
I have Crohn's and I have all those symptoms. I ALWAYS have mouth ulcers, diarrhea, constipation, abdominal pain, inflamation (mostly in my joints), malabsorption, pain when I eat, pain with bowel movement, blating...etc. I'd say the only symptom I don't experience are red hard lumps. They weren't able to diagnos me for months because no doctor could figure it out. I'm obviously no doctor, but it sure sounds like Crohns. Good luck, I pray for your health!

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