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Is it bad to have a balloon fetish?
Im 17 and I haave a balloon fetish. I love balloons alot. I did research into it and Im what you'd call a non-popper. I just like the feel of them and it arouses me. Is that wierd or bad?
Not at all!!
It hurts no-one and arouses you.
Have fun ;)
Is there a such thing as a balloon fetish, and how do they come about?
Recently read something on the web relating to balloon/inflatable fetishes. How many different kinds are there, and do women also like to break balloons as much as men?
That one's been around for a while!! I just don't get
How common is a balloon fetish?
Someone sent me a video on youtube that was a balloon fetish video. I thought it was funny. How common is that fetish. Also if you know how common is a fetish based around bodily functions like feces and urination. Rate it from 1-10 Oh and I'm not criticizing. you can do what ever you want. It's not bothering me. :)
The balloon fetish is not a common interest in most people, but it exists world wide and is growing. Most people never heard of it, and those who come across this fetish are quick to put it down, insult, and criticize it and/or those who are into it. Those people are closed minded and choose to remain ignoramuses. People who are involved in the fetish are known as Looners, and they don't regard something that arouses them as funny or hilarious. Do you? I'm not going to attempt to answer the remainder of your questions. The Internet is a fantastic research tool, so I will let you have the pleasure of exploring it to find out.
When is the right time to tell your girlfriend you have a fetish? I have a balloon fetish (i know its weird).?
I have a balloon fetish (i know its a little weird but it exists)...i have had it for most of my life...i could not explain why i do, but for some reason when a balloon is popped by a woman i get turned on. I have been dating my girlfriend for 4 months.
I would tell her right away. Secrets ruin relationships. If she loves you she will understand. Well, if she's kinky maybe you can have a room all set up with balloons and tell her what to do for you.
If your significant other told you they had a balloon fetish?
knowing what it did, would you be willing to pop balloons for them?
would you leave?
rofl i wouldn't leave, but i'd feel pretty silly popping balloons for him...
What do you think of a balloon fetish?
I have a balloon fetish which means i am sexually attracted to balloons i want to know what other people think of that
It's better than having a fetish for pain, poop, guyren, and animals. It is something that should be kept secret from family, friends, and coworkers or classmates. It is a soothing and fun way to become sexually gratified. It is little known and put down by those who are ignorant and/or closed minded. It is not normal but not abnormal such that it needs to be diagnosed by a professional health care worker and cured. It has nothing to do with guyren. It is a potentially noisy way to masturbate. It is enjoyed mostly by males and rare to find a female who indulges in this. It's a whole new world that is fun to research on the Internet. It is a harmless way to have a little fun with balloons in an adult manner (except for the balloons). It enhances love making with a partner.
How good is to talk about balloon fetish to a girl for the first time?
how can i start speaking to a girl for the first time about my fetish thing to her? can i slowly start speaking of something relative topics then seeing her reaction can i tell my thing. Do Girls openly accept this? As i want my GF to be with me as a life partner. I wish we join hands in matrimony. any good suggestion to this is a welcome. girls views also welcome.
I've never heard of a balloon fetish. What, do you make out with balloons? I'm sorry, but there's only so much crazy I can handle in a man. That's a deal breaker. Stay in the closet.

It's nice to keep some secrets to yourself. It makes life more exciting. Just think about how great it'll be every time you throw your guys a birthday party! Or even your wife's baby shower! Or wedding. There'll always be tantalizing balloons to satisfy your inner urges. No one will suspect a thing if you sneak off into the men's room with a balloon. It's better than a bridesmaid!
How would you react if you just knew that your partner, spouse has balloon fetish?
? Is it right to kick him out then
I would be in "Seventh Heaven" because I am into the fetish myself! As this fetish is really harmless (except to balloons) there is no reason to kick your bf out, as you state. The balloon fetish can be used to enhance your sexual experience if you are open minded. If you love this person, then you best accept this little quirk. It is part of him. Everyone has some little quirk. Does he accept yours? Be thankful he is not into whips and chains, excrement, guyren, homosexuality, cross dressing with YOUR clothes, and other potentially objectionable activities.
Have you ever heard of a balloon fetish?
What is your first though?
You're my first though cause you're always posting balloon questions

Where can i find the best balloon fetish (on Youtube)?
I just got into it and I cant find any good ones please help
youtube is kind of an all ages environment, not a fetishists forum.

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