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In the short story Charles it says that the boy got spanked for being Fresh what does this mean?
I dont know what fresh means and i got to write an incident file for it it ive got

Day 1: Being fresh

but i dont think thats what it would say so can u explain the meaning fresh?

Whereas modern hip hop artists use the term to mean cool or of superior quality it was once used to mean impertinent.

Impertinent means insolent or ill mannered.

So fresh means Ill-mannered. and as for Day 1. I would title it Day 1: Spanking then subheading A causes and sub sub heading 1 rudeness.
Should boys only be spanked by there father?
Should boys only be spanked by there father. When i was younger, me and my brothers would get in trouble and my mom would always make us wait for my dad to spank us. Is this normal?
depends on the parents and how they decide to raise their guys.
How many teenage boys still get spanked?
my sons are 14 and 12.
Idk if thats to old to get spanked.
I used to get caned at school when I was that age!

But for home, I think you need to look at alternatives, as soon they will be stronger than you are!
Do teen boys get spanked nowadays?
i believe in corporal punishment between the age of 7and 17.later than 17 is too old,under 7 is too young.i look around and see the guys have no respect for anyone or anything.i would love to hear from 1 teen or more whose parents will spank them if they deserve it.
Yes, teen boys (and girls) do still get spanked - more than most people realize, but not nearly as many as should be getting it. Spanking is a valid and effective punishment method for most guyren, starting at around 18 months to 2 years of age on average, and continuing for most through their teens and many into their early 20's, and as long as it remains effective it should continue to be used. Like all punishment methods, it must be administered in a calm and controlled manner.
Should boys get spanked but never girls???????????
i need to hear from parents who only spank boys and not girls ALL DETAILS MUST BE G-RATED FAMILY FRIENDLY AND APPROPEATE FOR YAHOO ANSWERS
Girls usually don't need it.
Should girls be spanked lighter than boys?
I was wondering because I have a daughter and son who are both 5 and I think ready to be disciplined? So I am thinking of spanking the girl lighter than I would the boy. Is this correct or can girls take it just as hard?
Thank You.
no! they deserve equal
I need to hear from those who lived under this double standard boys get spanked never girls how do you feel?
in detail tell me how you feel about this double standard is it fair to you do you love it do you hate it
Ha,im pretty sure girls get spanked at one point in their life ;) not talkin about as a guy either.

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