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What do you think about a girl with puffy nipples?
So, I dated this guy who saw my boobs in the daylight, it was a really warm day and well, my nipples were quite puffy. He asked me to "turn them off" then he laughed a bit, and finally told me that they "freaked him out a bit".
I'm 23 and they obviously aren't going away.
At first I thought it was part of puberty but now I guess they are here to stay.
Would you date a girl with puffy nipples?
I definitely would! I find that to be such a huge turn on myself.
I'm a 14 year old girl and I have puffy nipples.Women's help, and guys help?
Question to the Women: I am a small C cup. I heard somewhere that young girls with puffy nipples grow up to have regular*firm,taught* nipples. Is that true?

Question to men: Do you guys like puffy nipples? NO RUDE ANSWERS!
Puffy nipples are a sign of a young developing girl. You sound completely normal.

Even in adult females, the nipples are responsive to stimulation or changes in temperature, so that even they experience puffy nipples from time to time.
15-year old girl with puffy nipples?
I've been over weight all my life, and since I can remember I've had puffy nipples. I'm fifteen now, they are still puffy unless they get hard. I have B-32 breasts, I find it very unattractive because they look coned shaped. I'm so scared to let anyone see them. I was wondering if there's anyway to make them look not puffy, or if guys will accept it just fine.

i have the same problem, there is nothing natural that you can do about it, except become comfortable with yourself, just gain confidence in yourself.
remembering that porn stars, almost ALL of them have had plastic surgery, if in the future, give yourself a number of years, and you still feel uncomfortable, you might like to consider cosmetic surgery.
I am a girl with puffy nipples i dont like them !?
soo im almost 17 and my boobs are not even a 32 A and my nipples are pretty big and puffy. They stick out through my sports bra and thats what i hate the most... is there any way to fix it or will I be like this forever ?
big puffy nipples are awesome. dont worry.
Girl with puffy nipples?
I'm 16 and have B cup breasts and puffy nipples. I'm kind of insecure about them, I wish they were the normal type. I've been with a few guys and they didn't complain. Guys do you find these attractive? Turn on? Turn off?


Puffy nipples are nothing to be worried about. Especially when you are young. Mine were like that until I was 17 and guys loved them. I enjoy other girls as well as guys and whenever I'm with a girl with puffies it makes me feel hot because it means she is still sort of "innocent."

I'm a girl with puffy nipples and..?
i'm fine with them except when i'm braless becuase they are extremly noticable and i hate it! i'm only 16 years old but i'm wondering why they are the way they are. does it have anything to do with my age and just that they're still growing or is there a real reason for it? and is there any way i can get rid of them?
Most girls' nipples are noticeable when they're braless. It's okay just wear bras if you're around people. :)
Is it weird for an 18 year old girl to still have puffy nipples?
Like my friends say they have grown out of this and I think am still the only one with this problem, what can I do?
From a guys perspective...hell no! :)
GUYS, what do you think about girls with puffy nipples?
Guys, what do you think about girls that have breasts with puffy nipples/areolas?

If you don't know what those are then google it :)
i find them very attractive, but everyone is different so u shouldnt be ashamed or shy about small details like that
Puffy Nipples?!? :(?
I'm a 17 year old girl, size 34C boobs with puffy nipples which i hate :(
is there any way to make them like most girls nipples?
also my nipples are hardly ever erect..they are for about 10 seconds whenever i take off my bra, then they just go flat again.. they never get hard if me or my boyfriend are playing with them,its SO embarrassing i hate them =[

I have been with older men that have had alot of experience and even they couldn't make them hard..very can i make them hard more often? has anyone heard of the Avent Nipplet (i know its for women with flat nipples who need to have erect nipples for breast feeding but surely it could be used for cosmetic purposes too?)

help much appreciated ♥

Flat puffy nipples are perfectly normal! In fact, I think they make up the majority of womens nipples. Have a look at this website to see what REAL boobs look like!

I have the same nipples and would like erect ones, for aesthetic reasons like yourself. I started using the Niplette yesterday and it is too early to tell yet but I have heard good things about it. You can purchase them off baby websites.

I'm 20 and have only been bothered by them lately. I heard that the nipples can keep changing until a woman is in her early twenties. & Men really aren't bothered about nipples! Seriously. A boob is a boob. And you have lovely 34c breasts, so you should be happy with that!
What do you think of girls with puffy nipples?
I'm 23 and have had puffy nipples forever.
I thought by now that they'd be gone but I guess they're here to stay.
I've been with two guys who liked then and three that didnt.
Now I'm not sure what to think if theyre attractive or repulsive
I tried googling the topic but still didn't achieve clarity. Can you please post some photos of yourself so we can understand? All in the cause of education, you know.

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