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Did he have sex with her?i cam home and my pad locked and could not get in then my bed was wet.he said?
trya hey my man was home and the guys where in the bed room.i came home and my paddoor was locked and i could not get in.i is never locked.then i got in the bed room my bed wet and all the baby things where not where i had them.some on was going throw my things.i asked him he said no still this day.did he cheat on me?
im not sure i understood your question try asking again, but in english this time please!!!!
Why does it burn after sex?
I hadn't seen my husband in 10 days and when I cam home last night we had sex. It felt really good for a while but then it started burning and it still burns the following day. Is that due to not having sex in a period of time or something else? Serious questions only please.
It could be that since you haven't had sex in a while you/he may have been a little eager and perhaps a little rough and irritated the area. It should go away in a day or so but if it doesn't it is possible that you are getting a uti. As long as there is no urgency to urinate and no other pain or symptoms I would give it a day or two but if you do develop pain during urination I would see a doctor.
Can anyone tell me about working from home doing adult webcam shows?
I just moved from Las Vegas to LA and have not heard good things about the strip clubs here. Can anyone give me ideas on ways to make money without sex in LA? I was thinking of working from home doing web cam shows does anyone know a good webcam company to work for?
Camprime is a very good site has the best payout percentages I've seen for performers on any cam site.

They pay

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No other cam site does that as far as I am aware of.It doesn't sound like much but it could defenately add up, along with the other money you make.

Hope this info help was helpful.This is the link to camprime

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Do you think cyber/web cam sex is cheating?
My husband started working away from home and he seems happier, he has lost interest in sex with me for quite awhile now I do not know why he says its his problem? (I'm not fat or ugly) however he is having a great time online. Is he just enjoying his space or should I be concerned. I asked him if he thought people who engaged in cyber sex were cheating and he said no since there is no physical contact. I think its cheating because he would be envolved intimately with someone else. do you think cyber sex is cheating?
First off. admit to yourself that the lack of intimacy is a huge red flag. Even if you were fat, BTW, why would that keep u from being attractive?? At any rate there is a fox in your hen house. As for the cyber sex, of course it is wrong. Were he and the woman in the same room masturbating, would it be acceptable.

At the end of the day our opinion are meaningless; we are not married to him. What matters is what YOU think and plan to do about it.
My husband pays for sex outside home. wat shd i do?
i found out my husband been paying for sex whenever he goes outstation. i found nude pix of e woman on his cam cell phone and sms of him n co-workers discussing abt e figure of e women who "serviced" them.
i am sooo upset abt e whole thing, wat shd i do? leave him? confront him? act normal? whenever he goes outstation now, i feel vexed n upset.
Leave the adulterer ASAP.
My co-worker wants oral sex on web cam?
Hes very good looking,and full of wit,he has a girl and shes hot to death they get into some freaky stuff he wants a ******* on web cam and she wants to sit home and watch...I do find this intriging what do u think
and the whole office gets to watch along with everyone who records it and spreads it around your town and to your parents.
Would you make a web-cam site of you and your significant others life 24/7?
My girlfriend has a friend that had made a lot of money by making a website that people can subscribe to and watch their every day home life uncensored, sex life and all, through live feed web cams 24 / 7. We had talked about possibly doing this but I am fearful of the possible repercussions. Would you do this with your significant other and or advise this?? Why or why not?? Please tell me your reasoning for your answer. Thx!!
My girlfriend is too shy for such a thing, but I would. Especially if it paid well. When I was single and living a single man's life, if you get what I'm saying, one of my friends said that I should do something like that... He commented that people would pay decent money to see the crazy exploits that were my life at that time...
I'd say that if you have a chance to do something like this and your g/f is interested, then why not?
I wouldn't go around telling my friends and co-workers about it though, I think I'd keep it a secret to avoid any possible repercussions.
Web cam sex? Dirty msn chat? Dating web sites? Porn?
Does it make you a certain type of person if you use these?
I have used porn but in the own comfort of my home.. No one else with me, nobody knows and i don't feel wrong for doing so.
Web cam freaks me out... Msn dirty chat & dating sites as i wouldn't dream of been able to meet anyone on them who i would end up having a long relationship with them but say you have got with someone who you met in a pub & ended up together & later you found out they had used these before what would you think of that person?
To each his own. I don't judge....as long as they aren't looking at guy pornography and trying to have cyber sex with minors.

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