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Lesbian stories?
what are some good lesbian stories
If lesbians find their beloved girls,they can have a nice love story. I guess you can ask the lesbian girls on www.Lesmingle.com to give you theirs. Just guyding!
They are finding their lesbian partners there and I guess they have their own nice stories.
Where can I find some lesbian romance stories online?
NOT PORN! I don't want mindless smut or porn. I just want cute lesbian romance stories. Some manga would be nice too, but I'm primarily looking for lesbian story archives.

Thanks a lot, I'm tired of stumbling across porn.
there are a lot of places im sure but i know you can look on fanfiction.net and livejournal.com they have a lot of good stuff
Do you know any romantic lesbian stories and free to read on online?
Do you know any romantic lesbian stories and free to read on online?

I'm really craving one...
----I I

a good site which have LGBT story, or sex related story

enjoy ^ ^
What are the titles of homosexual or lesbian short stories?
My teacher asked me to analyze a homosexual or lesbian short story for my Literary Criticism's final test. Last time I use E.M Foster - A Life To Come, and I'm not allowed to use the same title anymore. So, anyone could help me with one or two titles about homosexual or homosexual short story?
Thanks before! :D
Maurice - D.H.Lawrence
I need help finding a good publishing company that can help me publish my books all based on lesbian stories.?
I am only 17 but i am constantly writting and i am a lesbian so i of course like to write about lesbians. I am working on something right now though and i really think it is actually a must read for other lesbian and gay teens out there. So i need a publishing company that can work with me in keeping it original and not try to change anything. So please i would really be thankful for it.
Try Bold Strokes Books, they published David Matthew Barnes. He wrote about gay teen love, hate crime etc.

Go on the 'Edgy Contect' of this link.
What are some good sights for lesbian sex stories?
i'm super horney right now and I want to have some fun ;). I'm not a lesbian but i find pictures, videos, and stories get me very aroused and i can masturbate very well with them. right now i'm in the mood for a story. any good sights?? i need them to be safe and all on the virus and other stuff part of things and i don't want much pictures i feel like imagining the oh so deliciousness of it all!
abbywinters.com (this is more softcore girl on girl stuff, though
any offshoot from the abby winters site
How and where can i get lesbian love stories online without getting porn as an option?
ive been typing in the search engines lesbian love stories or lesbian stories, but i mainly get lesbian porn sites.
go to www.literotica.com, i love that site. Great stories!
What are some good lesbian love stories?
They Can be movies, books, or stories online.
If possible, could you please add a link if it's a story online?
Thanks <3
Check out my online lesbian fiction blog at www.onlinelesbianfiction.com. All the links point to free lesbian fiction on the net. The romance category will probably interest you the most, though other types of stories will often contain a love story, too.
Do you have to be bi/lesbian to write LGTB stories?
I've been thinking about writing a lesbian story, but what does that say about my own sexuality ? I think I'm straight...
Plenty of LGBT authors write about straight characters and plenty of straight authors have LGTB characters. The most I could see a straight person having a hard time writing is the common feeling of isolation felt by people LGBT people and the fear of social reactions.

I've never heard any critism of my straight characters myself, so I would assume that as long as one does the characters well, differences in sexuality shouldn't pose a problem. Everybody's human after all.
What is a good site for lesbian love stories?
I have been looking for a few love stories that have to do with the same sex, and I absolutely love fanfiction with characters from anime games and all, are intimate. Was wondering if there were really good sites with that kind of thing.
how about www.nifty.com. thay have alot of different gay stories.

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